Estate planning is an important part of protecting the future of your children. Keeping your estate in order ensures that they will have access to the necessary funds and resources when you’re no longer around. It also helps prevent arguments among family members over who should inherit what. How can you ensure that your children are taken care of, even after you’re gone? Here are some tips for estate planning for parents:

  1. Make a Will: First and foremost, make sure that your wishes are legally recorded by creating a valid last will. This document outlines who should receive which assets upon your death and specifies how those assets should be managed. You may also include instructions regarding guardianship of any minor children or special needs dependents. Don’t forget to keep your will up to date, in case of any changes in your estate or life circumstances over time.


  1. Set Up a Trust: Trust is another way to protect the future of your children after you are gone. It allows you to set aside funds and assets that can be used for their benefit at any point in the future, regardless of when you pass away. You can also use a trust to name beneficiaries, determine how wealth should be distributed, and even specify how money should be managed by trustees.


  1. Create Beneficiary Designations: If you have accounts with beneficiary designations (e.g., life insurance policies or retirement plans), make sure they are up to date. You can use these accounts to designate who will receive money after your death, and ensuring that the right people are listed is key.

By taking the time to plan for the future of your children, you can rest assured knowing that they will be taken care of when you’re gone. Estate planning is an important part of protecting their future, so make sure to start now!

Our estate lawyers can help you with all of your estate planning needs. We specialize in last-will creation, trust formation, and more. Contact us today at (561) 770-3335 to get started!

What Is Estate Planning

Types Of Estate Planning

Estate planning involves making important decisions about who should manage your estate, how it should be managed, and what will happen with it when you are no longer around. It may also include laying out plans to provide for yourself and others in the event of disability or incapacity.

The goal of estate planning is to ensure that the assets you have accumulated over a lifetime remain secure throughout your life and are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away. Our lawyers can work with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that meets your needs and the needs of your loved ones.

Estate planning often includes trusts, which are legal arrangements that manage and distribute assets for beneficiaries. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of trust creation, including wills, living trusts, special needs trusts, spendthrift trusts, dynasty trusts, charitable trusts, domestic asset protection trusts, and more. We understand how important it is to ensure that the goals of your trust are achieved while also protecting you from possible creditors or lawsuits.

We also offer assistance in other areas related to estate planning such as tax planning and business succession planning. Our team can help you determine the best way to structure any transfers or gifts you wish to make to minimize taxes and maximize the benefit to your beneficiaries. We can also work with multiple generations of families to ensure a smooth succession process for their business or other assets.

No matter what stage you are in, our attorneys are here to help you create a plan that meets your needs and provides for those who are important to you. With our experience and legal knowledge, we can provide peace of mind that your wishes will be honored after you have gone. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help with all aspects of estate planning.

Why Choose Us For Your Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorneys

 At our firm, we provide comprehensive estate planning services that are tailored to the needs of each client. We have extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning and can help you make sound decisions for your future. Our attorneys have years of experience working with individuals and families to ensure their estate plan meets their financial objectives and is tailored to fit their unique situation.

We understand that every family is different and so is every estate plan. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and understand your specific goals and objectives when it comes to creating an estate plan. We will work closely with you throughout the process so that you feel comfortable with your decisions and confident about your plan’s effectiveness.

Our team offers a comprehensive array of estate planning services, from drafting wills and trusts to advising you on tax strategies and business succession plans. We will also help you develop strategies to minimize taxes, protect your assets, and ensure that your wishes are respected after your death.

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